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Stop Mental Illness Stigma!

My 'DO YOU LOVE ME' artwork promotional video is about combining our poetry to our latest New York Fine Artwork.

We will create & offer 'Do You Love Me' artwork into an astonishing range of merchandise from Lady Vaydra Designs. Out of the Gallery into stores? Sounds fabulous? But, we need your help to share our passion. Jump on board... Let us know what you think by liking & sharing this video.

'Do You Love Me' is based on a mother's personal experience of having to care for her daughter with mental health disorders. 'Do you love me' is a repeated action from a daughter's multiple episodes.

This promotional contemporary artwork is on sale:

* The original contemporary artwork, 'Do You Love Me' was exhibited at Agora Gallery, New York from May 22nd to June 12th. 'Do You Love Me', 2018 by Vaydra Wright Digital Artwork on Canvas 30" x 18" $3,100

This can be purchased at Agora Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, New York, NY Please contact the gallery staff on 212.226.4151 or alternatively click on https://www.art-mine.com/artistpage/vaydra_wright.aspx

**editions of original prints, unframed canvas can be ordered via our Facebook 'Shop'. Please allow 14 days for shipment.