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Welcome to Share! I wanted to post this particular artwork 'Do You Love Me'. This is one of my favourite artworks displayed at Agora Gallery. I would like to share my story in galleries & hopefully I can touch another person's inner soul with their own journey.

This art exhibition is contributed to my children & my parents. Hence why I am passionate about my 'Mental Health Disorders' & hopefully I can share details in a book.

This artwork is called, 'Do You Love Me'. It refers to my 'Personal Portrait', I am revealing a dark side glimpse of my own daughter's inner thoughts & feelings which hinders her ability to function in daily life. My idea & inspiration for 'Do You Love Me' was based on a personal experience of being the carer to my daughter with mental health disorders. 'Do you love me' is a repeated action from my daughter's multiple episodes. My daughter's mental anguish of love & hate of herself. I changed the orientation to transplant the illusion of mental anguish & physical ailments. I expressed with simple twist patterns & single strokes, reviling the debilitating symptoms of Major Mood Disorders. I draw attention to the subject's distorted face: particularly focusing on the physical appearance: un-brushed hair, sullen eyes, a bulbous nose, transparent white skin, faded blotches & lethargy arms by using yellow undertones to convey emotions ranging from happiness to sickness effects. The 'black' strokes represent the subject's 'dark side' of prolonged sadness, loss of energy & persistent lethargy, feeling worthlessness, but mostly I am suggesting the subject's inability to take pleasure in former interests outside the home; while also emphasising on the subject's social withdrawals & isolation, showing a faded body betrayed by sunlight. The background, I repeated the use of twirling, swirling and whirling cool tones to create a soothing, calm environment look at the subject's household routine.

My daughter joined me on my first ever art exhibition in New York, it was a challenging time for her, however she was brave enough to share her own daily struggles as well.

My daughter is grateful for the unconditional support from her brother, Taran Wright & grandparents - Sandra Louise Smith and Kerry Smith, her long term professional services. They have been her support mechanisms & have guided her through her dark times over the years, and without these special people, she would not be here today!