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Death & Afterlife Painting

My 5th Portside Wharf painting should be called Death & Afterlife?

Painting: Acrylic, Paint, Resin, Spray Paint on Canvas.

The Artist, Vaydra Wright's art structure is based on Death and Afterlife in Ancient Egyptian Beliefs. Enigmatic & Powerful God wandered in the sky and at night, returned to the grave and the mummy.

In January 2019, the Artist Vaydra Wright created a painting using acrylic paint, spray paint and resin on canvas. The artwork structure was based around google earth map. However, after the installation of the finished canvas, the painting revealed so much more. A figure appeared, so the Artist, Vaydra Wright called the painting ‘Death and After Life', based on ‘Osiris, ancient Egyptian god’.

The figure changes throughout the day from sunlight, based on the earth rotation around the sun. The Osiris figure daily disappears slightly in the evening but then the figure would reappear in the morning. The figure however, has slightly transformed in front of others, during the afternoon sun. Overtime, the ‘Death and After Life' painting started changing. First, the painting started to create wrinkles in the painted blob, which has a fluid mixture under the coated/ sealed gold spray paint (middle section). A customer came into the gallery at Portside Wharf, Hamilton QLD Australia and asked the Artist, Vaydra Wright what would happen if she reversed the painting to see what would happen and whether she knew about the ‘The Pitch' drip, the experiment based at the University of Queensland in Australia. ‘The Pitch' blobs that drip down, agonizingly slowly, from their parent bulk. The Artist, Vaydra Wright said, ‘No, I haven't heard about it'!


Nevertheless, the Artist, Vaydra Wright experimented by turning the painting in a full rotation. Over a period 24 hours period, the painted blob started to move downwards, a gravity pull, which gave the coated/sealed gold spray paint a crinkle and wrinkle effect. The Artist, Vaydra Wright recorrected the painting over a few days by massaging the painted blob and allowing it to reset, and remounting it back to the original installation position. Over a period of a week or so and the possibility of humidity, the painted blob had re-dripped with gold flecks in the fluid mixture. The painted blob did fast drip downwards and much more than the Artist, Vaydra Wright expected. More importantly, the Artist recorded the dates of flow against the temperature/ humidity. Did the temperature/humidity affect the painting?IIn addition, if you look closely, you will see a whale fin and a shark, and other sea creatures in the painting.

For sure.. there is a special ethereal energy to ‘Death and After Life’ by the Artist, Vaydra Wright. The Artist, Vaydra Wright used no structure to work with a blank canvas using a primary colour to work off. Mostly Vaydra Wright creates during her dissociation period. During Vaydra's detachment stages, Vaydra tends to hover above the earth or go into orbit. Vaydra let her unconscious thoughts come out onto canvas. Her work will come to life, and that's where you will see the story. In this case, the Osiris figure and painted blob didn't reveal until much later. The painting stages are linked to Vaydra's youtube channel.

ref: http://www.ancientpages.com/2018/05/28/death-and-afterlife-in-ancient-egyptian-beliefs-death-as-transition-to-another-reality/

Come to Portside Wharf, drop in and see for yourself!