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The timeless, International Artist


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Vaydra Wright’s Statement


The Artist was taught to appreciate artwork at an early age with many visits to Australian art galleries and museums with her mother as a child. Vaydra's previous experience as a child was in line painting with a focus on lines and smoothness and learning her own mother’s painting style.


The Artist's combined experience and passion for working with a variety of creative media came from the age of 49. Vaydra's initial work began with classic patterns as she was moving into digital artwork. contemporary surrealist from sculpted, three-dimensional work and mixed media. Vaydra adopts a manual approach to change the direction to transmit the deception.


The work represents timeless ancient pieces that receive a profound impact on contemporary culture.


The Artist does not utilize any structure in her work, only using primary color to feed off. Vaydra creates primarily during a transcendent experience. In her separated mind flows, she tends to ascend into a “weightless" body, using the orbit approach, traveling through time, past, and future. Vaydra enters a sanctuary field, moving to high ground, and at the same time navigate intense levels of sympathetic emotion. Interrupting the cogitation, to release the inner force to move towards true greatness. The Artist's amazing and multi-faceted talent lives on the based structure, where she presents history to life. 


The Artist's simple expressions are eternal, infinite, unsettled by human descriptions.


The Artist aims for an excellent balance: her collection contains moving elements and technical principles. Vaydra has also diverted meaning from what was clear to her; in the present circumstances, "I produce a scene for others to penetrate their own eyes, not just mine. I ask myself:


Should the concept say one thing?


Do I feed the imagination or a notion?