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Collectible Investments


Collectible Investments have their own Prestigious Awards. 




International Fine Artist Vaydra Wright collectibles are authentic, now and forever. She creates with the power of creativity and delivers with raw talent, mostly beyond your imagination with all types of mediums. Vaydra holds her pieces for years to ensure the collectible is sustainable to the environment, durable for the most delicate pieces and can last for generations. She values her time, appreciates her worth and holds a standard of the type of investors. 

Whether stored for time or currently being represented internationally for awards and exhibitions, including events. Each piece is exclusive to Prestigious Investors.


Join our VIP Premium Elite Yearly Membership 2022 and discover more about International Fine Artist's current & upcoming sales, so much more...

Have your name inclusively listed to VIP Premium Elite Investments Notice Board as the new Collectible Investor of 2022. The purchase of your Collectible Investment will be displayed with the time and date and the Prestigious Curators' name, and gallery, including country (photo with your collectable investment is optional). The sole price is listed with the Prestigious Curator's and provided to Auction Houses. 

Guarantee with Authenticity.

Your collectible investment(s) will have an unique number code on your certificate and the randomly selected number is uniquely coded by the International Artist - Vaydra Wright without digitally uploaded. Your Certificate of Authenticity will be registered and mailed and the number code record is provided to the Prestigious Curators by phone. 

Vaydra Wright is unique and so are her Collectible Investors -


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