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 International Fine Artist, Vaydra Wright holds moral rights under the Copyright Act 1968 of her artwork. 


Vaydra Wright holds the economic right to reproduce under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) of her artwork.


Nobody can copy Vaydra Wright's work (collectables investments) or use images of the Artist's work without her explicit consent or permission (in writing). 


At no point, the Lady Vaydra Designs or Vaydra Wright has asked to assign or waive trademark or copyrights. 


Lady Vaydra Designs' brand or Vaydra Wright's International identity profile

 cannot be infringed upon or promoted

by an individual(s) or group(s) or business(es) for any benefits or financial gain.


Any notifiable trademark/copyright infringements, data breaches or identity crime/theft

or cybercrime activities against the Lady Vaydra Designs entity or Vaydra Wright that have occurred by

an individual(s) or group(s) or business(es) will result in legal action.

@ This content is subject to copyright

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