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 Lady Vaydra Designs is a registered Australian trademark . 


Lady Vaydra Designs holds Intellectual Property registered trademark to reproduce under the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) of  collectables (artwork), designs and products.

Nobody can infringe and copy from Lady Vaydra Designs' website, digital and e-mail marketing, and social media account, but not limited to, other sources. 


Nobody can infringe and copy the International Fine Artist, Vaydra Wright's work or use images of the Artist's work without her explicit consent or permission (in writing). 


At no point, the International Fine Artist, Vaydra Wright has asked to assign or waive her

trademark or copyrights. 


International Fine Artist, Vaydra Wright's identity cannot be infringed on or promoted by anyone else for their own benefits. 


Any notifiable infringe, data breaches or breaches of copyrights or cybercrime activities against the Lady Vaydra Designs entity or the International Fine Artist, Vaydra Wright that have occurred by an individual(s) or group(s) or business(es) entity will result in  legal action.

The scraper sites and business catfishing are listing Lady Vaydra Designs to collect and steal your information.

We knows scammers are just like us; they breathe, walk, and live as we do, but they do not have consciousness. 

You can be sure we are taking measures with our investigations. We know digital print always is traceable - everything is unescapable/ inevitable. Time has no limits.

Lady Vaydra Designs does not need to partake in outsourced digital marketing consultants.

Vaydra Wright does not give out explicit consent, in writing easily to any third parties, or scraper sites or engage in Business Catfishing. Her dealing are Prestigious - Galleries/Curators/ Investors/ Groups.


Lady Vaydra Designs upholds its own worth without exploiting others or infringing to gain momentary profit, digital advantages, and a reputable competitive edge.

In essence, the greatest gift Lady Vaydra Designs can give is

'To be Worthy amongst the Finest'.


We will serve with gracefulness, give the utmost respect and provide our members with trustworthiness and transparency.

Vaydra Wright has earned her worth and does not need to fool anyone. Her visibility of fences and hurdles is by creating her worth with silence.

© This content is subjected to copyright.

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